Bike Gear: Carradice Pro-Route Rain Cape

The rain cape is by Carradice and is a traffic-blinding shade of yellow. Some people have referred to me as “the human traffic cone” because of it. It may look stupid but it’s good that drivers can see you — especially because rainy days tend to make the sky dark and heavy rainfall may impair vision.
Carradice Pro-Route Rain Cape: Front View

There are reflectors on both front and back of the cape. The front zipper has an additional flap so water can’t get through. There’s also a pocket at the collar that stores the hood.
Carradice Pro-Route Rain Cape: On Bike

Rain capes are meant to go over the bike and the rider. This means that airflow under the cape is possible whilst still blocking the rain. The Carradice has inside-straps on the front to hook the cape to the handlebars. The inside rear also has straps to tie the cape to the saddle rails. This way, the cape stays down and the flaps don’t fly up in heavy winds.

The only thing I didn’t like about the rain cape is that with the cape over the handlebars, I can’t see what my wheels are going over. This poses a problem because riding on small wheels makes me more vulnerable to potholes, grill rails or cracks on the road.

2 thoughts on “Bike Gear: Carradice Pro-Route Rain Cape

  1. Hi there. I was just looking into these rain capes and they look really good! I think though that the loops in the front of the cape are supposed to wrap around your thumb or wrist or something, not your bars. And the rear strap I thought was supposed to wrap around your waist.

    Thanks for your notes!

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